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  • Veronica Tadross

Student Council or the Seed of Rebellion

It was a cold, dreary day in December when I finally decided to approach an administrator about my idea for a student council. The school seemed in desperate need of one- money was being spent on amenities that were utterly unnecessary and student leadership was lagging. Before I could finish my second sentence, the Vice Principal responded with a discouraging, "Before you get into this idea, I want you to know that it's not going to happen."

The school did not respond even after I formed a petition in which 92% of those asked signed, including teachers. Why was the administration acting this way? The only reasonable answer is that they let their fear that students would be seduced by freedom surpass their love of the school: the downfall of nearly every great institution in history.

Fear is the cornerstone of dictatorship and the seed of rebellion. Not to mention that the only way for an institution to progress is by cooperative leadership. The reason dictators fear citizens gaining too much freedom is because they don't want to raise leaders. Why would our school want to prevent students from becoming leaders? To go even further, why would our school want to limit their own progress just because they don't want to listen to the students?

Just this year, the school spent tens of thousands of dollars on acoustic panels for the auditorium that produced no audible difference in sound, and are spending millions on a new multipurpose wing for the school. With a student council it is highly likely a project could be completed for a fraction of the price and contribute to morale within the student body. Moving into the future, I encourage all my classmates to voice their opinions and pray that one day the administration can become aware of the need to prioritize leadership skills above control.

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