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Know the Minds of Bachelor Contestants

I know I usually write about serious matters, but today I have to write about a REALLY serious matter. There aren't any accurate articles on the internet about this, so I will now take on the arduous task of finding the personality types of contestants from the Bachelor. For this, I will use the Enneagram Personality Test, which identifies 9 personality types numbered 1-9.

I'm going to begin with the current Bachelor, Peter Weber, who was also a contestant on Hannah B.'s season of the Bachelorette. I want to begin by saying that the majority of the people on this show are probably 3s- the Performer, very fitting for someone who would choose to display their life on television to gain instagram followers. Likewise, Peter was a child actor and went on the Bachelor, however I don't think his core desire is that of a 3- receiving attention for achievements. His hometown date with Hannah made me think he is a 4- the Romantic, or someone who desires to be unique and in touch with their emotions. When talking to his dad on the show, he cried while saying how much he loves Hannah. He even expressed his uniqueness before dinner by singing a German chant with his family (yes, this actually happened). He seems to have a 3 "wing," or the number next to your main personality type with which you share characteristics.

Now it would only be appropriate to find the personality type of Hannah Brown, the last Bachelorette. I believe she is a 3 wing 4. She has similar characteristics to Peter, but seems more focused on success and attention. Before the show, she had competed in the Miss. Alabama Pageant several times, until she won on her fourth try. She seems emotional like Peter, but is willing to suppress those emotions to succeed.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes was from Colton's season of the Bachelor, and her Enneagram type was more difficult to figure out. In a recent interview, she said that she is an "observer," who "gets very angry, but internalizes it." This is the exact description of a type 9- the Peacemaker. 9s tend to be pleasant and laid back, but occasionally will express their anger. She did this several times on Colton's season, often acting passive when interacting with other contestants, but expressing her frustration later in interviews. She seems to have a 1 wing, a 1 being the Perfectionist.

Tyler C., from Hannah's season of the Bachelorette, seems to be a 2 - the Giver. As a Giver, he gave Hannah many words of affirmation ("Girl, you're my lighthouse."). He seems to have a 1 wing. 1s strive toward high moral ideals, dedicating themselves to the greater good. Tyler exhibited this trait when he called out Luke P. for shaming Hannah. He also does volunteer work in New York City.

Dylan B. is from Hannah B.'s season of the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. He seems like a 6. 6s are Questioners or Loyalists, as they seek security in their lives and feel like they must fulfill their role in society. Dylan was very loyal to Hannah G. on Bachelor in Paradise, even when she didn't seem interested in him. 6s can also be very fearful, which Dylan exuded when he was stunned by the drama occurring on the show.

Demi, from Colton's season, seems to be an 8, the Protector. 8s often have high self-confidence and will stand up against injustices. Demi knows her worth and is never afraid to call out people when they're being ridiculous. When she came out as sexually fluid on Bachelor in Paradise, she expressed that she often feels a need to hide her insecurities to be strong for other people, a common characteristic of 8s.

I think Rachel, a previous Bachelorette, is either a 1 or an 8. She has often spoken up about discrimination on the show, believing her season was edited differently because she is African American. But she also seems like a 1, the Perfectionist or Reformer, as she is more outgoing than somewhat serious 8s, but is still dedicated to achieving positive change. My best guess is that she's a 1.

Dean, from Rachel's season of the Bachelorette, seems to be a 7 - the Adventurer, looking to have fun in order to escape pain. Dean struggled to express his emotions on Rachel's season when he was speaking of his mother's death. Today, he travels the world and lives in a van, perfect for an adventure-seeking 7.

And pretty much no one on the show is a 5. 5s are the Observers, enjoying taking in information and spending time alone. I hope you have now fulfilled your lifelong desire to know the minds of Bachelor contestants.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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