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Defy Your Script

“Break the simulation,” the television echoed, “Beginning when we are young we choose different actions and society gives a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to each one. When a little kid jumps on a table thinking they're Superman, their parents tell them to get down. And by the time we’re forty, we’re living our lives like actors, using a bunch of scripts other people wrote for us. We need to break this simulation.”
These are the surprisingly deep words of Kanye West. When people watch a movie and wish their lives were that way, usually the characters have betrayed the standards set by society. Individuals of different social strata interact, brutally honest encounters occur between acquaintances, and men and women pursue their dreams even if they lose the good will of everyone around them.

Furthermore, good things only happen in reality when we defy our “scripts.” Emily Davison jumped in front of a moving horse to protest for suffrage, and Mahatma Gandhi marched 200 miles to get sea salt in disobed…
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Answering Your Questions to "Mary Isn't Welcome at Chaminade High School"

I have received many questions and comments regarding my latest post, "Mary Isn't Welcome at Chaminade High School." Many comments have called for clarification of main facets of the article. Thus, I will take the opportunity now to define and respond to the top 5 actual questions and comments I have received.

1. Why aren't you calling-out Our Lady of Mercy, Sacred Heart, and other all-girls schools for being single-sex?

This is a comment I have heard frequently that many believe shows "sexism against men" imbedded in my ideas. However in reality, the reason I chose to highlight Chaminade is because they continue to be the best school in the area, shown clearly by their new science center, Chinese language classes, new AP-aligned courses, and well-run extracurriculars. These disparities are why it is unjust to not allow females. Additionally, it is more likely for all-boys schools to have an advantage because they often have more working alumni to donate, …

Mary Isn't Welcome at Chaminade High School

How would you respond if I told you that single-sex schools were just as immoral as racial segregation? Maybe you would agree with me. You may tell me I'm exaggerating. If all-boys schools existed this long without opposition they must be well-intentioned, right? Well, if you think again, you might be surprised. Really, really surprised.

Linda Brown was born in the 1940s, a difficult time for many African Americans. When she reached the fragile age of a third grader, she was denied admission to Sumner Elementary, an all white school which was much closer to her home and provided a much better education than the all African-American school. Her father sued the school district, and eventually in Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court  banned segregation in schools and established the principle that separate but equal is impossible.

Today, single-sex private schools see gender separation as beneficial, because opposite genders can be "distracted" by one another. Wh…

Know the Context or Suffer the Consequences

The Hindus used to justify India’s discriminatory treatment of the poor and lack of social mobility by the caste system. They did not understand the cause of class disparities, thus, they used their faith to justify them. They claimed that these classes were a result of karma from good deeds or dharma in a prior life, and consequently could not be undone. This belief not only promoted unfair societal practices, but also stopped anyone from trying to solve injustices. They were so uninformed, right? But what if blind faith is making us fall into this same trap everyday?

Similarly, many Christian denominations today preach beliefs that followers often consider acceptable such as excluding women from the priesthood, considering homosexuality immoral, and a few other things. Church authority justifies barriers for these groups by saying that this is how God created the world, so it should stay that way.

However when even an ounce of thought is put into it, these ideas are not only sensel…

You Can Rise Above the Noise

We’ve been told from a young age that the Earth is round. The government and private organizations have provided us with this information; however, could you prove, based on what you sense everyday, that the Earth ISN’T flat?

The so-called sinking ship effect (that a ship disappears into the distance, from bottom to top, because it was blocked by the curve of water) isn’t valid. This is because when you look through a telescope the entire ship can be seen, so the bottom of the ship isn’t really being “blocked” by the curvature of the Earth. What we’re really seeing is the vanishing point of our own finite human perception that makes the bottom of the ship seem to disappear, when it is too far away to distinguish from the water. Several mathematicians and pysicists reported that our perception of the horizon would be exactly the same on a flat Earth. Railroad tracks are constructed to be flat, but the curvature of the Earth is estimated by scientists to be 7.98 inches per mile. The Tr…

The March for Our Votes

In the March for Our Lives thousands of people took to the streets their sentiments on the issue of mass shootings. One of the widespread beliefs of many of those marching was a ban on semi-automatic guns, following the ideals preached by the Never Again Movement. The one (of many) problems with this movement is that it’s not about lives. It was never about lives. The only reason any politician would ever consider making such an immediate, radical change as this is in a desperate attempt to increase their political power, and, of course, get more votes.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to allow citizens to keep the government’s power in check. John Locke’s Social Contract, which was enforced by the Founding Fathers as one of the main principles upon which our country was built, states that the government does not have divine right. Their only right to power is through the people, and if the government fails to protect civilians, the people have every right to revolt. Without th…

“We the People” are Finding Solutions

Unfortunately another school shooting has occurred this week, and in the sorrow that should have brought together society to solve this issue, instead has brought about great divide.  As politicians are called upon for a solution, both Democrats and Republicans have ignored effective policies and instead used this unfortunate event to promote their own political agendas.

Protests from both sides have called upon the federal government for extreme changes- from gun control to arming teachers. No broad, unspecific plan would ever be able to effectively protect students in every stretch in the nation, if the federal government found the time to pass such a law at all. Why are people petitioning to Donald Trump who has tons of other things to do, when their school board could make a significantly more specific, effective plan in a fraction of the time? It’s because Americans have become far too absorbed in the promises of politicians, and the passionate debaters in Washington are loving i…

Student Council or the Seed of Rebellion

It was a cold, dreary day in December when I finally decided to approach an administrator about my idea for a student council. The school seemed in desperate need of one- money was being spent on amenities that were utterly unnecessary and student leadership was lagging. Before I could finish my second sentence, the Vice Principal responded with a discouraging, "Before you get into this idea, I want you to know that it's not going to happen."

The school did not respond even after I formed a petition in which 92% of those asked signed, including teachers. Why was the administration acting this way? The only reasonable answer is that they let their fear that students would be seduced by freedom surpass their love of the school: the downfall of nearly every great institution in history.

Fear is the cornerstone of dictatorship and the seed of rebellion. Not to mention that the only way for an institution to progress is by cooperative leadership. The reason dictators fear cit…

Stay "Mean", Girls

Throughout my life I have continuously heard comments like, "girls can be so cruel," and "I'm friends with boys because they're just so much nicer than girls." But is the stereotype of "mean girls" really true? Not really. Actually, not at all.

A study conducted by the University of Georgia shows that boys are more likely to take part in BOTH physical and relational aggression at every grade level. This confirms the common belief that yes, there is a double standard on how both genders are viewed for aggressiveness. I have heard boys use aggressive language to disrespect their peers just as much as girls; the only reason boys are dubbed "nicer" is because people are conditioned to expect it.

This is because we constantly see men in positions of authority asserting themselves, whereas women are encouraged to be nicer, and therefore are more harshly judged when they choose to stand up for themselves. The double standard is affirmed in the …

The 2018 State of the Union Thoughts by Veronica Tadross

The 2018 State of the Union Address last night definitely was an event.  Despite statements President Trump made on economic successes, patriotic civilians, and even compromises on immigration, the Democrats still can't seem to get over the fact that Donald Trump is President. The Democratic Party has shown time and time again that they're not actually standing for what they say they're standing for.

However in the many rebuttals the Democrats gave for the State of the Union Address, is anyone noticing that they haven't boasted any real successes of their policies (hint: it's because they don't exist)? Joe Kennedy's (D-MA) whole speech last night was about how the Justice Department is rolling back civil rights and Democrats are plotting to take down the wall. Anyway, he completely ignored the fact that the President did agree to grant amnesty to many children of illegals, and even disregarded that if we have open borders we're going to end up living in…